Curate Your Own Calm

  1. Decorate with organic earth tones. Give your eyes a break from aggressive, loud colors that cause irritation. 
  2. Try ambient music playlists instead of hard charging radio with commercials. Be mindful of what you put into your head, as it subconsciously affects your mood that comes out. 
  3. Keep the television off or limited to positive shows. Everything we experience, including movies, has energy that lingers in our spirit and then we wonder why we're feeling anxious.
  4. Go explore an outdoor landscape. If you allow yourself to focus on the small details, like how the leaves grow in patterns or the textures of bark winding around a tree trunk, then you allow yourself to experience the benefits of biophilia. 
  5. Make something meaningful with your hands. When we participate in an activity in which our creative side is engaged, we are performing a meditative practice. Through this we are keeping the brain occupied with executive function but also relaxed with repetitive motion.
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