I've never been much for hitchhiking. There's something about the act of stepping onto a path with my own two feet that always felt more fulfilling to me, even if my toes were bleeding. I have to wonder, then, why I've spent a good chunk of my life hitched to other people's opinions as if theirs somehow bolstered mine. Coming to terms with self-identity has been a recurring theme throughout my life, one that's involved years of exhausting analysis and a few triumphant acts of shedding skin. But the day that I stood on the side of the road, and realized the only person that should be picking me up was me, was the day that I took the most important step of all.




Partnership With Housetrends Magazine, ASID to Present Interior Design Trunk Show

This Friday, September 18th from 5 - 9 pm, Housetrends Magazine, American Society of Interior Designers and the team at Susie Frazier Inc.  present the region's first art-inspired, interior design showcase that's FREE and open to the public.  

Because most design events are geared to the trade only and often ignore handmade art as a design resource, Art, Wine & Design was established. The exhibit takes place during the THIRD FRIDAY art walk just outside of the Susie Frazier Showroom at 78th Street Studios. Fifteen design firms have been assigned roughly 160 square feet of empty space to create some kind of living environment with furniture, lighting, textiles, and accessories, while integrating at least one piece of art that's been sourced within the building. See the fill list of exhibitors here.

Purchases can be picked up from the installations at the end of the night or the next day (Saturday 9/19l/15) from 12 to 3 pm.   


Who Said Corporations Can't Be Playful?

Earlier this summer, executives at The Sherwin Williams Co. contacted Susie to see if she'd be able to create a feature wall that would encourage interaction and conversation among employees inside the R&D offices at the Breen Technology Center.

What she came up with was a concept inspired by the molecular structure of pigment. When scientists plot out what pigment looks like at a microscopic level, each molecule is represented by a hexagon shape and letters that represent specific elements.

Using materials from Cleveland's manufacturing industry, Susie designed and installed close to 50 custom hexagon tiles made out of hot rolled steel. Then over 200 wooden hexagon shapes were laser cut, painted with select Sherwin Williams colors, engraved with letters, and embedded with high energy magnets. The end result was a playful magnet wall in which visitors could create "molecular chains" to spell out phrases. The collection also included several pre-made words like innovate, participate, and imagine, as a way to reinforce company values.

If you'd like to receive a quote for a custom wall feature in your home or office, contact 


Susie Frazier

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