Like it or not, we all face a certain degree of unpredictability in our lives. Despite our best efforts to control outcomes or prepare for fallouts, responding calmly to a curve ball is one of the greatest skills we can learn. Although our first instinct tends to overreact to what just happened, and our second is to stew about what to do next, it's entirely feasible that through all that agitation we're missing the point completely.

When we busy our minds trying to be certain about the intangible, we forget that uncertainty is a prerequisite for new possibilities. And it's in that nebulous place of "not knowing" where all the magic brews. Like a fabulous page-turner that keeps you on the edge of your seat, the universe lets the mystery unfold in a manner much better than anything we ever could have planned. Don't miss that opportunity to be the witness to your own story, to let something you haven't already imagined materialize. Sometimes the most fulfilling prospects emerge simply because we are willing to sit with ambiguity and do absolutely nothing to influence it.

This means means getting out of our way and believing in something greater than ourselves.

Organic Modern Wall Features

Inspired by patterns found in the natural world, Susie's biomimetic wall art adds visual impact to modern spaces. Made with reclaimed wood and stainless steel standoffs to create a "floating" effect, each installation starts with a custom illustration by the artist. Dozens of individual pieces are cut and sanded to the exact shapes found within the composition, and finish colors can be specified by the client. Susie and her team then come on site to mount all the elements according to a blueprint of the original drawing. For an estimate on your commercial or residential space, email info@susiefrazier.com.  


Christmas In July - Tonight Only!

We're clearing space for new products Susie has designed, so we've discounted dozens of home accents, gifts, and jewelry from 30% to 50% off. Stop by our showroom inside 78th Street Studios and snag some great deals. Discounted items include:

wooden vases with glass inserts (multiple sizes), serving trays, photo frames, treasure boxes, letter block necklaces, greeting cards, t-shirts, driftwood jewelry 


Design Inspiration

In every newsletter, Susie features design ideas you can try in the interest of living a more intentional lifestyle. Here's an idea for turning an ordinary door into something memorable.

On a recent trip to Toronto, Susie found Enoteca Sociale, a hopping Italian restaurant with front doors that feature a map of Rome engraved into the surface. With a raw, somewhat distressed finish within the textural image, these heavy wooden doors beg visitors to touch and stay a while.

With access to the same kind of equipment that created these amazing doors, the team at SUSIE FRAZIER can integrate any kind of pattern or imagery onto your wooden doors or table top. To find out how, contact info@susiefrazierart.com


Susie Frazier


Susie Frazier


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