It's harvest time and there's so much for which to be thankful. What I love about the act of gratitude is that it's an activity we can practice every day. And, ironically, it's in moments when we feel our worst that this simple acknowledgment can help us the most. Thinking of the abundance we already have is a precursor to the real bounty. At SUSIE FRAZIER, we believe in this magic of our minds. Although our creative vision spawns the ideas we develop, it's actually our thoughts of appreciation that provide the conditions for meaningful work to even occur.

Modern Day Artifact

Staying true to my Wabi Sabi design tendencies -- which embraces simplicity, imperfections, and modesty -- I just unveiled a new line of beach stone jewelry that honors the unprocessed integrity of nature's materials. Made with organically weathered stones I gathered from the shorelines of Lake Erie, each pendant, bolo necklace and ring features hand molded copper accents around the edges, embodying an indigenous, tribal quality. Limited supply. Necklace $185.

Collaboration With Patrick Fraser

Best known for his captivating celebrity portraits, fashion and lifestyle shoots, as well as music and art documentary films, Los Angeles based Patrick Fraser is often traveling, lending his artistic viewpoint to some of the biggest brands in the world. In mid October, my team had the pleasure of working with him in western Pennsylvania for a multi-day shoot that captured the inner workings of my mind and the outer essence of my style, much of which will be released in 2016. Patrick took this shot deep in a pine forest after I had harvested grapevine bark for a project.


 Earthminded Inspiration

Every week, I find inspiration in outdoor landscapes, including places that normally would be overlooked. Here, a monochromatic scene with criss crossing branches was intriguing because it looked like some of the encaustic assemblage artwork I have created. Patrick Fraser captured the view on camera while we were hiking through the woods of western Pennsylvania. 


Susie Frazier

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