I come from a town where the sun sets behind clouds and the rust is what radiates after the storm. Here, in Cleveland, there are more faded finishes than sparkle or shine, and it feeds me. Not because I'm a glutton for grime, but because it breeds humility right alongside determination, the very qualities that build integrity. Like me, this city has seen its fair share of trauma and disappointments, but it weathers well by reinventing what it means to be itself.

Over eighteen years of digging through debris and sorting through scrap, I've learned to see value in that which is distressed. Whether it's fractured bits of nature or forgotten castoffs from industry, the reworking of those materials tells my story.

So I decided it was my job to make the brokenness beautiful.

Here are three holiday gift ideas complete with a Rust Belt back story... 


1). Eco-Dyed Scarves: There is no better gift we know this year than our limited collection of eco-dyed scarves, created by artist Christine Mauersberger. Keeping within the SUSIE FRAZIER color palette of warm earth tones, rich shades of gray or light indigo, each merino wool and silk scarf is bundled with real leaves that are steeped in a big pot of water and muddled with black walnuts collected from city streets in Cleveland. What comes out of this labor of love are one-of-a-kind, wearable transfer prints. Starting at $55. 


2). Magnetic Play Puzzles: Enjoy this mesmerizing tabletop activity or use it as a wall mount magnet board with the peel and stick tape on the back. Made out of scrap steel from Cleveland's manufacturing industry, each 12" x 12" set includes 20 organic shaped wood pieces embedded with a high energy magnet, and a white gift box. Not intended as a toy for children, $45 each. 


3). Reclaimed Wood Rings: One of the hallmarks of the SUSIE FRAZIER aesthetic is the deliberate lack of bling throughout my product lines. These earthy accessories feature salvaged wood from deconstructed Cleveland buildings mounted on top of an adjustable copper band with hidden copper screws. Make a statement about the things that are worth reclaiming in your life. $30 each. 

Susie Frazier

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