This year, I’m working on letting go of my expectations.

I know this sounds counter-intuitive coming from a designer who envisions everything she dreams into existence. However, I often find myself digging prematurely for the outcome, just so I can prepare whether to celebrate or to move on. But the truth is, there's something to be said for letting the story to unfold naturally.

This lesson was delivered loud and clear for friend of mine during the early stages of her pregnancy. Apparently, her doctor lost track of her baby’s heartbeat and began to discuss next steps for removing the fetus. Thankfully, she convinced the hospital to wait one week, and sure enough, the baby was fine and alive. 

Sometimes action-oriented tactics provide a false sense of making headway. We can insert ourselves in a process and manage every detail towards a result we can predict, but there's no legitimate triumph in that. Actually, the real achievement is when we can live in stillness long enough to let the unknown blossom into whatever it's supposed to be. 



Latest Wall Feature

"Murmuration," Susie's newest wall feature, located at Baker Hostetler's Cleveland offices on the 17th floor of Key Tower. It's made out of 207 sustainably harvested pieces of maple, stained with Sherwin Williams gray washes that float off the wall using stainless steel standoffs. Inspired by the way starling birds sense others around them in order to influence the direction of the swarm, this elaborate installation has become a company conversation piece. Check out our Facebook page to see more images of this piece and a time lapse video of the installation. 




 Earthminded Inspiration

In every newsletter, Susie features design ideas she's invented, projects she's embarked on, or inspiration she sees in the environment around her. This month, she installed a collection of wall features at a restaurant in Montana (photos coming soon!) and drove past a very creative family-run business that uses salvaged wood to build elaborate architectural elements for homes. We believe nature inspires the best in all of us, so we want to see what you've come up with! Send us your images of personal salvage transformations, and we'll consider featuring it in our upcoming blog posts about the "Creator Within" all of us. 


Susie Frazier

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