In my world, the soul knows best, and the head is slow to get it. Sometimes my brain can barely rationalize the truths that pass through my heart, but I do my best to sort it all out. I relentlessly organize the details, I pit facts and feelings against each other, and I roll up my sleeves to perform the analysis. But when the inner knowing nags for too long, that's my sign that it's time to move on. My rigorous mind eventually yields to my passionate spirit. 

Organic Modern Wall Features

Susie’s most recent installation is a sprawling 19-foot composition inside Michaelangelo’s Italiano Restaurant that recently opened in Big Sky. Inspired by the majestic Lone Peak that rises above this mountain community, “Prominence” is one of three different wall features created by Susie for the new restaurant. Made out of sustainably harvested maple, mounted to bronze plated standoffs, this visual centerpiece appears to float off the wall. See more examples of her wall features during the THIRD FRIDAY art walk on 4/15 from 5 - 9 PM. 


Eco Style Statement

Intrigued by the geometry of nature, Susie designs wearable wood jewelry to symbolize the connection she feels to the earth. Strung onto a 33” aged copper chain with lobster clasp, this natural-finished, geo necklace hangs just above the navel, serving as a personal totem. Comes in dark cherry (shown here) or natural pine.


Reclaiming A Little History

Established in 1933, National Engineering & Contracting Company of Ohio was the 17th largest bridge building contractor in the United States, constructing various public works projects across the country, before it was sold in 2001. Several years after the transaction, Susie was able to acquire thousands of National’s weathered wood boards to add to her raw materials inventory. Today, she still hand-selects pieces to fabricate several of her products, including her popular Mantra Blocks


Somewhere between the cracked wood and the cobwebs is an ageless wisdom that speaks to all of us. Lessons of resilience and determination link the stories of nature to the stories of ourselves. Susie sees these color palettes and repeating patterns as instruments of healing, which is why she integrates visual elements like these into various works of art and home accents. Learn more about Susie’s philosophy here

Susie Frazier

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