Well, it took 30+ years of my adult life, but it's finally sinking in.

Holding onto my life dreams, using a death grip to ensure they come to fruition, is really just strangulation. Turns out, that approach is based on fear, control and anxiety, which do very little to support my well-being. 

 In fact, it almost killed me. 

 So...taking better care of myself, I'm stepping onto a different path that honestly isn't concerned about the outcome. I'm allowing myself to find the joy and laugh more, no matter what kind of fire storm I'm facing.

Following my gut more than the plan, I'm packing light, and I'm not looking for permission.

 What a feeling to be #happyinCLE.


Magnetic Community Boards 

Businesses who serve their community typically like to display announcements and promotional materials about events taking place in and around their industry. Often times, however, they struggle with how to display those items without it looking like a cluttered mess. That's why Susie Frazier creates custom steel community boards. What's special about her designs isn't just their practicality, but their artistic and interactive quality that makes them mesmerizing for visitors. This recent installation for Orange Theory Fitness in Rocky River, OH is the latest example of how Susie marries smart modular design with magnetic functionality. See more photos.


#happyinCLE Desktop Frame 

Looking for Cleveland gift that's unique to you? Check out Susie's 8" x 8" steel frames that come with a #happyinCLE magnetic Intention Block. These $42 frames are made from scrap steel from Cleveland's manufacturing industry, and will be on view during the THIRD FRIDAY art walk on 10/21/16 from 5 - 9 pm. Just slip your favorite photo underneath and now you have a very personalized way to spread the love!


Mesmerizing Wall Treatment 

One of Susie's favorite things to do in her free time is to explore public environments and look for clever design ideas. Here, at The Burntwood Tavern in Westlake OH, she found a wall of rough-cut lumber that looks like the storage bins at the woodworking mills she knows. The irregular cuts and unfinished end grain makes for a simple wall feature anyone can try on their own. 


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