Cleveland artist Susie Frazier

In support of four hospital clients I’ve worked with in Ohio, I am standing behind their urgent public request to not participate in any indoor gatherings in an effort to decrease the risk of spreading COVID-19. Their collective letter was published as a full page ad in Sunday’s paper, which caused me to pause and consider how my business should be more mindful about retail events during this pandemic. That said, my showroom will be closed for any upcoming art walks or holiday markets held inside the 78th Street Studios complex. My website, however, is open and now updated with my BLACK FRIDAY STARTS EARLY SALE. Beginning today, I’m automatically applying 15% OFF to every order that takes place through my online store, and I’m outright asking this region to please rally online in support of local artisan businesses this season. I look forward to serving you all this holiday, albeit in this virtual way, by offering contactless local delivery and fast shipping options for your gift-giving needs. While I will miss seeing your faces, I wholeheartedly believe everyone’s protection is more important than any sales I might be able to generate inside my physical location during this time. Please stay safe, Cleveland.

Susie Frazier
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