Driftwood Candleholder

$ 5.00
SKU: GF130

Fully embrace sustainable living with this non-processed Driftwood Candleholder. 

Harvested from the shoreline of Lake Erie by the Susie Frazier team, rugged driftwood logs have been repurposed into organic candle holders. Great for displaying alongside other Susie Frazier products to achieve her distinctive Modern Zen look.


  • Made from salvaged driftwood logs
  • Small: roughly 3" in diameter and 3"-4" in height 
  • Medium: roughly 5"-6" in diameter and 6" in height
  • Large: roughly 5"-6" in diameter and 8" in height
  • Includes one white paraffin-free, lead-free, non-toxic tea light
  • Available for STORE PICKUP option during checkout


  • This item has limited inventory left, but as soon as the winter thaws, we'll have a new collection back in stock
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