For companies interested in providing unique gifts to their clients that reflect an organic industrial aesthetic, Susie designs one-of-a-kind products with her signature Earthminded Style. Depending on the scope of the project, she can design singular pieces of art or high quantities of functional objects for the home or office. Contact us to learn more. 



One hundred of these magnetic puzzle and photo frames were designed and fabricated for Cleveland Clinic to thank all the global dignitaries who participated in the 2015 Medical Innovation Summit. Inspired by the study of systems theory, in which independent elements connect to create patterns that influence the overall whole, this functional gift also served as a magnet board for displaying favorite photos. If the magnets were rearranged, recipients could use an enclosed wooden template to reposition them back to the original pattern. Made with natural wood and salvaged steel from Clevleand's manufacturing industry, each desktop puzzle featured rugged marks and irregular grain patterns, indicative of Susie's Earthminded Style. 



Looking for a creative way to beautify the barricade around Cleveland's Visitor Center as it was under construction, Destination Cleveland contacted Susie Frazier for ideas. With their limited budget, she was able to develop a graphic concept around the theme of "evolution," while staying aligned with the new branding efforts of the city.


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