Susie Frazier is a pioneering designer of Earthminded Style®, a way of life that’s defined by a connection to nature, using sustainable materials, for personal empowerment. Since 1997, she has discarded wood, steel, and stone into meaningful objects of beauty that have inspired people to live more soulful, reflective lives. One of the first artists in the Midwest to advocate for earth materials and organic patterns in art as vehicles for fostering well-being, Susie has been at the forefront of the biophilic design movement. What makes Susie Frazier’s company special is not just the use of reclaimed materials. It’s her instinctive world view that all aspects of the earth are connected and self-organize into symbolic visual cues, providing opportunities to heal the patterns of our own lives. Combining original, calming designs with a passion for personal growth, Susie’s work has influenced audiences across America to pursue their own degree of personal reclamation.

Susie has designed products for hotels, restaurants, hospitals, retailers and municipalities, receiving accolades as one of Northeast Ohio’s most prominent creators. In 2016, she was commissioned to design significant art for two global brands, Hilton Hotels and The Sherwin Williams Company. Cleveland’s newest skyscraper, The Hilton Downtown Cleveland, selected Susie’s free-form floating compositions to meander across the walls in four of their most opulent suites, creating calming interior elements unique to that property. As the new CEO, John Morikis, settled into the top office at Sherwin Williams, Susie was chosen to create a custom piece of art for his personal office. Suggesting that she use WoodScapes® Exterior Acrylic Solid Color House Stain by the 150 year old company, sustainably harvested wood, and a lot of graphic design planning, she created a strong, multidimensional, geometric piece that complemented the contemporary style of their new leader.

In 2015, Cleveland Clinic invited Susie to design speaker gifts for one hundred global dignitaries who spoke at their annual Medical Innovation Summit, which addressed the future of neurosciences and the overall state of healthcare innovation. Inspired by biomimetic patterns found in nature, Susie developed desktop play puzzles featuring an intricate brain pattern designed with 46 wooden shapes embedded with high energy magnets. Fabricated with sustainable wood and salvaged steel from Ohio’s manufacturing industry, each interactive desktop accessory was meant to be rearranged into patterns as unique as the person who received it and treated as a magnetic photo holder when not in use.

Other recent projects include an interactive steel and wood wall feature at lululemon’s Crocker Park store, three different art pieces at Michaelangelo’s restuarant in Big Sky, Montana, a magnetic word and letter wall at Sherwin Williams’ Breen Technology Center, a twelve foot long commission at Baker Hostetler headquarters, a terrazzo floor design for Cleveland’s newest RTA transit station in Little Italy, and fifteen blocks worth of public art elements for a $3.5 million streetscape renovation in Cleveland’s Gordon Square Arts District.

In 2011, Susie established a retail showroom inside 78th Street Studios, an artist enclave inside a century-old warehouse on Cleveland’s near west side. After raising money to rebrand the property, initiating the physical renovations to key public areas, expanding her showroom, and attracting restaurant partners to the building,  Susie is largeley credited for pioneering the growth of 78th Street Studios as a top arts destination in Cleveland.

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