Movers & Makers with Susie Frazier is an entertainment-based TV show on a mission to advance the maker economy and place greater value on creativity, handcrafted design, and hyperlocal manufacturing. Going beyond mass production and cutting edge technologies, Movers & Makers starts at the origin of ideas -- human imagination. 




The program’s host, Susie Frazier, is a pioneering maker in Cleveland who blends organic sensibilities with natural and industrial discards to create design solutions for developers, architects, interior designers, and consumers. As exciting projects come her way, Susie develops innovative concepts and then works with a team of master fabricators to execute. One of the first designers in America to create home accessories, accent furniture, and fine art using cast-off materials from the construction industry, Susie has inspired audiences across the globe since 1997.

The program’s producer and director is Gordon Recht, a multiple Emmy award winner and Directors Guild member based in Los Angeles who has more than 25 years of experience, bringing the highest production values Hollywood has to offer. He has produced and directed many shows and videos in the design and lifestyle genre from “Interior Motives with Christopher Lowell” on Discovery Channel and “Wolfgang Puck” on Food Network to multiple branding video series for Sears, Jo-Anne Fabrics and Lynx Grills. Gordon also produces, directs and edits for outside production companies that produce network and cable programming, including The Miss America Pageant on ABC and “Running Wild with Bear Gryllis” on NBC. 


A maker is anyone who uses their abilities to create, often through a learning-by-doing philosophy. While the maker process is rooted in craftsmanship with one’s own hands, today’s makers are also skilled in design, coding, and all things computer related. Maker culture is a social movement with an artisan spirit that’s motivated by self-fulfillment. It encourages the intersection of traditional mediums like metal crafts, woodworking, fiber art, and ceramics, with newer disciplines like computer programming and digital fabrication. Because of that, makers inspire others to try their hand at DIY projects or to start their own businesses selling the things they make.

According to Atmel, a major backer of the maker movement, there are approximately 135 million U.S. adults who consider themselves makers and the overall market for products and maker services hit $2.2 billion in 2012 ( According to USA Today, makers fuel business with some $29 billion poured into the world economy each year.


The first episode aired on NBC's WKYC TV 3 on Saturday, March 25th at 7 pm and can be viewed on YouTube. However, Movers & Makers with Susie Frazier is in development as a 9-episode series intended for cable or network TV.  For more information about the show, contact 


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