As a patternist, Susie Frazier specializes in creating distinctive, repeating designs that are embedded into the infrastructure of public places. Unlike sculptural elements or architectural gateways that remain in one fixed location, Susie's public works are intended to spread out over large footprints creating a sense of continuity and visual enhancement of common areas. 



In 2009, city planners at Detroit Shoreway Community Development Organization broke ground on a $3.5 million streetscape redesign along Cleveland's Detroit Avenue from W. 58th to W. 73rd Streets. Susie Frazier worked with City Architecture, Michael Benza & Associates and The City of Cleveland to develop approximately $250,000 worth of public art elements that were embedded into the streetscape infrastructure. Susie designed one the nation's most complicated crosswalks comprised of 30,000 custom bricks laser cut into a tree grain pattern, hundreds of pre-cast pavers embedded into the sidewalks, and twenty-seven curved, backless concrete benches that light from underneath using LED technology. Then, Susie extracted the center "knot" of the crosswalk design to develop the logo and brand identity for the entire district. 





In 2015, The new $15 million Little Italy-University Circle rapid transit station opened to the public. Susie Frazier was selected to design a terrazzo floor pattern to enhance the project. While the design originally featured a more detailed composition, planners later concluded that because the station was exposed to the snow and rain elements on two sides, the design had to be enlarged and the stone mix had to be modified in order to comply with outdoor terrazzo requirements. "Flusso," an Italian word that means "flow," is the title of her composition, which directs pedestrians towards the head station and out towards the sidewalks. The concept was inspired by swarming behavior in the natural world, including humans who show signs of swarm behavior when moving through transit environments. 



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