With our wellness-based approach that embraces soulful materials with slight markings of character, we design modern accent furniture to your dimensions. Email us to learn how we can collaborate. 



Blackened steel and brass console table features deep drawers and dramatically long pulls. The brass patina ages darker over time. 




Custom wood cutout can run the entire length of a room or be finished around the edges, as shown here, to serve as a headboard. 



Blackened steel and reclaimed wood sideboard also has a matching desk with similar angle iron pulls, outfitting an executive office with style. 




Nesting Egg Tables, made with solid maple and steel tube legs, feature a clever cutout to hold beans, rocks, sand to provide a relaxing tactile experience. 




A bold form made from blackened steel and reclaimed wood serves as a display table behind a couch or a TV console against a wall. The inset ledge features a hidden cutout for cords and wiring.  




Live edge tables like this are a rare find since they're made from the cross cut at the tree stump rather than along the long grain. Made to nest at two heights with the help of custom steel legs. 




These white washed night stands have a smooth, beveled glass top and feature a hidden drawer, to minimize the clutter around the bed. Made with steel legs to match the client's bed frame, the simplicity of this design keeps the resting experience serene.  

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