Inside one of Northeast Ohio's oldest warehouses, where America's first commercial trucks were manufactured, the Susie Frazier Showroom awakens visitors to the heart of Cleveland's new Rust Belt aesthetic. Designed by Susie as a reflection of her personal lifestyle, this prominent first floor space is one of 45 galleries and desginer workspaces within 78th Street Studios, Northeast Ohio's largest arts complex. While the showroom is one part industrial cool, with reclaimed beams and steel clad walls that showcase a variety of her products, it's another part organic modern with live edge wood counters and driftwood displays gathered from the beaches of Lake Erie. This paradox of complementary, but divergent elements, is the essence of the Susie Frazier brand, and is also fittingly symbolic of her home, widely-known as The Forest City. 

Susie Frazier Showroom
78th Street Studios Building
1305 W. 80th Street, First Floor
Cleveland, OH 44102
Hours: M - F 10 am - 4 pm


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