Inspired by natural patterns of the earth, Susie Frazier designs calm-inducing art installations in wood, metal and stone providing biophilic art solutions for hospitality, healthcare, corporate and retail environments. Besides their intriguing, biomimetic compositions as fine art, Susie's wide range of patterns can also be designed to have a high degree of functionality as floor to ceiling wall treatments, retail cash wraps, restaurant room dividers, or property wayfinding systems.


HILTON DOWNTOWN CLEVELAND - Swarm wall features installed in each of the four top Rockefeller Suites of the property. 



PRIVATE RESIDENCE CLEVELAND INDIANS BASEBALL PLAYER - Floating driftwood wall feature mounted to a common area wall on the second floor. 



WESTIN HOTEL DOWNTOWN CLEVELAND - Enlarged giclee prints mounted to wood then coated with encaustic wax on 6th floor lobby.  



SHERWIN WILLIAMS BREEN TECHNOLOGY CENTER - Custom magnet wall for employees to send messages to each other and convey company values. 



PRIVATE RESIDENCE OF GOODYEAR EXECUTIVE - Custom cut artwork made out of stainless steel for an outdoor application. 

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