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Personal Journey Building Blocks

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Create a meaningful ritual of self-reflective moments.

These reclaimed wood totems are called Building Blocks because they help us rebuild the way we see our ourselves at any stage in life. Present this gift to loved ones or to friends before a special hike or at a bonfire to create a memorable, empowering experience

After reading the engraved messages on the surface, use the enclosed pencil to write your responses on the back. Share your thoughts with the group or keep them to yourself before releasing each biodegradable block back to Mother Earth on a nature trail, in a body of water, or in a bonfire through a symbolic act of letting go. 

  • Ideal for special retreats, soul journey work, or trauma recovery
  • Four phrases include: "I am reclaiming myself by...", "I am saying goodbye to...", "I am practicing how to...", and "I am truly grateful for..."
  • Each block is 1" wide x 5" long x .5" thick
  • Ships within 1 business day
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