Driftwood Wall Art - "Spawn"

$ 4,200.00
SKU: FA133

Repurposed and refined driftwood is a powerful symbol breathing new purpose into our own lives. 

This wall installation is made entirely from cut wooden logs found along the shoreline of Lake Erie. All the pieces were carefully sanded, stained, then assembled into meandering composition that can mount horizontally or vertically with 1.75" long blackened steel standoffs. Featuring a slightly distressed finish, each wood shape exhibits slight imperfections to breathe an ease into an otherwise modern installation. 


  • Discs range in size from 3" - 5" diameter
  • Complete installation has 60 pieces
  • Installation can be provide for an additional fee or a template with instructions can be included


  • This item is made to order and takes 4 - 6 weeks to ship
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