Hanging Coconut Planter

$ 28.00

Display your favorite plants in an eco-friendly way!

This earthy home accent comes with three planters made of reclaimed coconut shells, hanging from a similarly eco-friendly and sturdy jute rope hanger. So not only can you provide your growing plant family with a sustainable home but also save three coconut shells from becoming waste!

  • Designed, sourced, and sold through a sustainable process that preserves, protects, and restores Earth’s natural resources. 
  • Coconut Planter Diameter: 5.5-6” (14-16 cm) Depth: 3-3.5” (8-9 cm)
  • Rope Length: 23.6” (60 cm) Diameter: 0.15” (4 mm)
  • Hand-wash with soapy water to clean.
  • Polish with coconut oil to rehydrate its surface. 
  • Does not include Spanish Moss succulents shown here. 
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