Foundry Form Tray - Small

$ 65.00
SKU: FF102

Industrial discard makes a great planter!

This wooden form was thoughtfully salvaged from Taylor & Boggis (T&B), which was the longest running steel casting foundry in the history of Cleveland. They opened their doors in the 1860s and made their last pour in early 2012. Each box was handmade to create a custom shape for various manufacturing customers across the country. A special mixture of sand was packed into this form, then the wood was popped out and used over and over again. Hot molten steel was poured around the sand core to create the actual part out of cast steel. 


  • Decades-old antique, original colors, clear coated
  • Features original part number engraved on the side
  • Approximately 8" - 10" long  x 5" - 7" wide x  3" high


  • This product ships within 1 - 2 business days
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