Vintage Schematics Art

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SKU: FA121

Rearrange your wall art for a vertical or horizontal installation!

Susie's one-of-a-kind collage piece, titled "Develop", features actual machinery schematics that were hand illustrated by draftsman in the 1960s. Each blueprint was cut into pieces to highlight the different design mechanisms and penmanship of the illustrators then collaged onto reclaimed wood. Each section floats off the wall thanks to embedded finishing nails for easy install and removal. 


  • Approximately 10' long x 18.5" high x 2" deep with 36 separate pieces
  • Thin 2" nails protruding out the back allow each piece to be tapped into drywall
  • Vintage blueprints represent an historic piece of American industry 
  • Images of this art are featured in Susie's book Designing For Wellness
  • Includes instructions for installation or free installation in the greater Cleveland area


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