Wooden Floor Vase

$ 275.00
SKU: ID401

Let the decorative elements of your space be a reminder to slow down. 

Standing at almost 2 feet tall, it's amazing to consider that this pots is made of one solid chunk of wood that has been turned on a lathe. Handcrafted by makers in India who build beautiful items out of whatever cast-off materials are available to them. Durable and stately, this Wooden Floor Vase will become an heirloom piece that will hold up against any changing design trends. 

  • Only 1 available!
  • Features irregular wood grain patterns and decorative cuts from the lathe
  • Approximately 24" high x 18" in diameter 
  • Ideal for displaying your favorite found branches or grass stalks
  • Not safe for potted plants
  • Local pickup only
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