Susie Frazier Releases Top 5 Design Tips For 2024

Susie Frazier Releases Top 5 Design Tips For 2024

Yesterday, in Long Beach CA at this media event, I shared some editorial content I created with members of the press to help educate ALL professionals, entrepreneurs, educators and families about the terms on my Designing For Wellness™ - Essential Design Terms 2024 handout and the leaders who coined them.

To go with this handout, I welcome all people, especially Gen Z individuals from any nation, to lay this audio recording over their own images or videos to show us what these ideals mean to THEM.

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"So here it is, my TOP 5 TIPS for all designers and marketers in this new era of sensory health. Here’s all you need to know: The professionals I see leading the next frontier of design are …

  • Inclusive of other people AND other species.
  • Interdisciplinary and collaborative with other experts in the field, both technical and creative.
  • Cross-sectional in the way they pass fluidly between corporate culture, home office culture, and the rest of society.
  • Fluent in the correct use of all the terms on the Designing For Wellness™ - Essential Design Terms 2024 handout.
  • Proactively listening and connecting to Gen Z, with the intent of pushing them into contact with the wisest elders among us, so institutional knowledge can be shared more effectively and with expediency. 

Exciting times in 2024…Peace Out!"

- Susie Frazier, author of Designing For Wellness™

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