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Houseplants As Self-Care Wellness Workshop
Olive Wood Charcuterie Board
Goddess Wrap
Goddess Wrap
$ 38.00
Intention Block™ Tree - SUSIE FRAZIER
Stone Candle Holder Set - SUSIE FRAZIER
Biophilic Wall Pod
Set Your Intentions - Build Your Own Set - SUSIE FRAZIER
Woven Crossbody Bag
Dimmable Plug-In Pendant
Stoneshard Bowl
Stoneshard Bowl
From $ 38.00
Canvas Backpack
Canvas Backpack
$ 68.00
Luna Moon Necklace
Live Edge Teak Shelf - SUSIE FRAZIER
Live Edge Teak Shelf
From $ 58.00
Woodstock Tree
Woodstock Tree
$ 25.00
Quint Pod Stoneware Dish
Watercolor Scarves
Stoneshard Vase
Stoneshard Vase
$ 30.00
Brass Spike Necklace
Sage Burning Set
Brass Sphere Drop Earrings
Lava Stone Necklace - SUSIE FRAZIER
Brass Bar Necklace
Sheepskin Pelt
Sheepskin Pelt
$ 119.00
Designing For Wellness Book - SUSIE FRAZIER
Leather Tassel Earrings
Paper Mache Bowl - SUSIE FRAZIER
Textured Bowl
$ 32.00
Moonstone Necklace
Wellness Warrior™ Bracelet - SUSIE FRAZIER
Live Edge Coffee Table
Hanging Coconut Planter
Crinkle Throw Blanket - SUSIE FRAZIER
Lava Stone and Brass Earrings - SUSIE FRAZIER
Create + Conserve Crossbody Bag - SUSIE FRAZIER
Brass Rhombus Necklace - SUSIE FRAZIER
Leather + Brass Bracelet
Arc Magnets
$ 7.00
Intention Block™ Gift Tag - SUSIE FRAZIER
Intention Blocks™ - Single Words - SUSIE FRAZIER
Woven Meditation Seat - SUSIE FRAZIER
Wood Accent Table
Metal Drum Pendant - SUSIE FRAZIER
Velvet Pouch - SUSIE FRAZIER
Brass Wall Mirror
Susie Frazier Gift Card - SUSIE FRAZIER
Mantra Block - Laugh Ebony - SUSIE FRAZIER
Reclamation Necklace - SUSIE FRAZIER
Mantra Block - Discover - SUSIE FRAZIER
Mantra Block - Live Ebony - SUSIE FRAZIER

72 results

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