Design choices affect everyone, even if only some of us can feel them. When I serve as a specialist to any company, it's at the inception of a project alongside the architect and design team, to ensure we are all committed to building people-first places rooted in well-being. I offer input, best practices, and design innovations along the way, giving your planning experts inspiration to do their very best work. 


“Susie Frazier’s work highlights the beneficial effect of well building on well-being and illustrates how using elements of nature in our  hospitals, homes, workplaces and daily environments  can help heal our mind, body and spirit.”   – Dr. Roy Buchinsky,  University Hospitals  Director of Wellness


SENSORY AWARENESS is at the core of my wellness design service, whether it’s applied to corporate offices, multifamily housing, hospitality spaces, or health care facilities. I recognize what people want out of their built environment in order to feel well, particularly after learning I had been living with undiagnosed ADHD and anxiety since childhood. Because I arrived in this body with the gift of highly sensitive neurology, I am often affected by the conditions of any built environment before anyone else notices there's a problem. To explain the sensory awareness that's fundamental to wellness designer, I published a visually inspiring book about my basic design philosophies called, Designing For Wellness. 


Today, I combine my neurological gifts, a deep connection to nature, and the global knowledge-base of the International WELL Building Institute to advise clients toward healthy design features within their projects. As a WELL Faculty member and design consultant, I educate executives on specific strategies for building people-first places. My involvement doesn’t take the place of the architects or interior designers. I work with each discipline to help everyone integrate WELL thinking into their organization, so the result is a desirable place for people to be.  

WELL is the world’s first standard focused exclusively on human health and wellness and can be applied across many real estate sectors. WELL marries best practices in design and construction with evidence-based medical and scientific research, harnessing the built environment as a vehicle to support well-being. 


    In 2018, Susie publicly shared that she has lived with undiagnosed ADHD and anxiety since childhood and discovered that she developed specific self-taught design practices to cope. In 2018, she released her first book, Designing For Wellnessan easy-to-read, photo-rich guide of 15 essential philosophies for designing your home or office to better support people's mental health.

    Two years later in 2020, the title won 5 global book awards. 

    Designing For Wellness by Susie Frazier serves a sensory introduction for students, home owners, corporate executives, real estate agents, architects and design teams interested in approaching their projects with a mindfulness around the human experience, which Susie sees as foundational to a wellness design approach. 

    It can be purchased here or through Amazon and Apple Books


    Winner of a 2020 International Book Award (Home & Garden category), a 2020 Living Now Book Award (Meditation/Relaxation category), and a 2020 Global eBook Award (Visionary/Inspirational category). Designing For Wellness was also recognized as a finalist in the 2020 Best Book Awards in both the Home + Garden and Psychology/Mental Health categories.

    With full page images of various projects, Designing For Wellness includes details from The Edison at Gordon Square, a multifamily model suite project that was the subject of her Emmy® award-winning TV pilot, "Movers & Makers with Susie Frazier."

     Susie Frazier Designing For Wellness

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