Susie Frazier is a pioneering designer who blends organic sensibilities with natural and industrial discards to create biophilic design solutions for developers, architects, interior designers, and consumers. Knowing that many aspects of nature self-organize into healing patterns that reduce anxiety, Susie integrates repeating, earth-minded elements into built environments, for the purpose of enhancing people's well-being. 

Combining organic visuals and industrial materials with an inner knowledge of mental health, Susie transforms public spaces into calm-inducing sanctuaries through her interior styling and custom products. One of the first designers in America to create home accessories, accent furniture, and fine art using cast-off materials from the construction industry, Susie has inspired audiences across the globe for twenty years.

In 2016, with her partners at Mont Surfaces, she launched a platform for builders and consumers to take a more wellness-based approach with regard to decorating their homes. Susie’s article, Soulful Home, Healthy Mind: 6 Reflective Design Tips For Fostering Wellness, was recently published in Organic Spa Magazine.

Proudly designing custom art solutions for some of the top companies in the U.S. since 1997.


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