The Frazier Biophilic MethodTM is a process and a practice for transforming natural elements into self-care amenities for the soul. 

As humanity cultivates more awareness around nurturing one’s mind, body, and spirit, the health value of natural settings, whether they're inside or out, becomes much more than beautification or a placemaking.

The Frazier Biophilic MethodTM moves beyond the lens of biophilic design as landscaping or living walls into one that understands plant patterns and plant properties as restorative mechanisms for the mind. Paired with seating, sound, light and humans, the method delivers intentional vibes for turning inward, withdrawing from sensory overload, and feeling a new awareness – 3 essential skills for maintaining mental health and eventually learning to meditate.

Property assessments, plan evaluations, design development, and program activation are my services. 

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