Biophilic Design at Work

One law firm worked with Susie Frazier for 18 months to celebrate their values

Designing For Wellness™ book by Susie Frazier

  • Business Insider

    "Industry pioneer Susie Frazier, who’s a WELL Faculty member and WELL AP with the International WELL Building Institute, is a prominent advocate for including natural patterns, earth materials, and biophilic philosophies into any built environment."

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  • USA Today

    "Frazier says built spaces, such as homes and workplaces, will soon have guidelines for incorporating design elements that allow individuals to better regulate their own sensory health, preventing issues such as overstimulation or too much isolation."

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  • Interiors + Sources

    "Emmy-winning artist and producer Susie Frazier has a new calling in life: using interior design to help improve people’s health and wellness."

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Designing For Wellness™ at Home or at Work

Leading organizations are sending Susie Frazier's award-winning book, Designing For Wellness, to their teams as an essential guide for cultivating healthy, people-first places, no matter where someone may find themselves working. This is a full-color, consumer-friendly book in which the Zen-like written passages are backed by evidence-based features found in the WELL Building Standard. Based on Susie's personal sensory experiences as a neurodivergent adult living with ADHD, this book has been captivating for adults and students for the past six years since it was first published in 2018.

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