Susie Frazier® is this year's IWBI Next Frontier of Design Winner. As an artist, author, and earth-minded leader, Susie is a consultant to many, advising on new ways of thinking around #biophilicdesign, #neuroinclusion and #sensoryhealth.

Essential Design Terms of 2024

In an effort to help improve literacy around neuroinclusion, pioneering biophilic designer and author, Susie Frazier, compiled a list of 2024 Essential Design Terms and the noteworthy leaders educating us about them.

"Understanding there is an exchange between ourselves and everything in the world around us is one of the most important themes to be explored in the coming year. The next frontier of design is about neuroinclusion, biophilic living, and sensory experiences.”

Susie Frazier, WELL AP, WELL Faculty, Next Frontier of Design Winner, International WELL Building Institute

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  • Success

    "Los Angeles native, Susie Frazier®, a neurodivergent biophilic designer, to help educate media professionals about the latest discoveries in human neurodiversity and how settings of today – and the future – should be designed.."

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  • Business Insider

    "Industry pioneer Susie Frazier, who’s a WELL Faculty member and WELL AP with the International WELL Building Institute, is a prominent advocate for including natural patterns, earth materials, and biophilic philosophies into any built environment."

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  • USA Today

    "Frazier says built spaces, such as homes and workplaces, will soon have guidelines for incorporating design elements that allow individuals to better regulate their own sensory health, preventing issues such as overstimulation or too much isolation."

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Designing For Wellness™ Editions

Americans now spend 90% of their lives indoors, according to the EPA. With this appalling fact in mind, Susie Frazier's award-winning book, Designing For Wellness, has never been more relevant. Right here is where you can order the hard-cover, full-color edition. These can be signed if you request. You may also buy Susie's book on Amazon or Apple Books, but keep in mind Amazon has been selling 40+ AI-generated look-alike and copycat titles of Susie's book in 5 countries this year alone. Please, everyone, do not let #toxictech mine the brains of artists, writers, and musicians for greed. How about we all just migrate somewhere else? I have ideas...

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Designing For Wellness™ by Susie Frazier

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