Susie Frazier provides wellness design expertise, artistry and media experience to development groups looking to build healthy, biophilic places for all people. As a specialized player in the design industry for the last 26 years, Susie provides clients with solutions to some of their biggest concerns.

Working collaboratively alongside design team members from the start of a project, Susie helps shape a unifying vision around biophilic living and people's health and well-being. From there, she works with architecture, landscape, interior design, PR, and marketing teams to identify biophilic design opportunities, innovative social connection points, and relevant media value that create lasting advantages for her clients and the communities they serve. 

Combining her award-winning talents with the evidence-based standards of the International WELL Building Institute, Susie leverages her role as a WELL Faculty member and WELL AP to advise clients toward personalized yet proven pathways for achieving healthy, inclusive and story-worthy outcomes. 


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