Can Conscious Design Bring About Well-Being?

Can Conscious Design Bring About Well-Being?

Branches Headboard Design by Susie Frazier - example of representational nature in biophilic designWith the world still healing from a global pandemic and over 40 million Americans living with anxiety, a new author has compelling ideas for calming the mind by inspiring readers to embark on a more conscious design of their own space. 

Living most of her life with undiagnosed ADHD and generalized anxiety, acclaimed artist Susie Frazier wrote Designing For Wellness as a way to empower others to support their emotional well-being. 

Before there was such a thing as the WELL Building Standard or even a wellness movement, Frazier spent 24 years reducing her racing thoughts by creating soul-soothing artwork and objects for interiors using raw materials from the earth...

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