Winner of 5 global book awards in 2020, Designing For Wellness is an easy-to-read guidebook by acclaimed artist Susie Frazier, whose design philosophies and spiritual outlook are helping to shape the next generation of interior design. 

As a highly sensitive person living with undiagnosed ADHD and generalized anxiety since childhood, Susie developed her own methodology, rooted in biophilia, for enhancing spaces in ways that ease the overstimulated brain. Designing For Wellness delivers practical suggestions to make any living and workspace more peaceful and positive, offering inspiration to architects and planners as they to work toward developing healthier public places. 

 "There is a Zen-like quality to Susie Frazier’s images and words that will make you re-read this book many times." -- Reader's Favorite




Winner of a 2020 International Book Award (Home & Garden category), a 2020 Living Now Book Award (Meditation/Relaxation category) and a 2020 Global eBook Award (Visionary/Inspirational category), this title also was recognized as a finalist in both the Home + Garden and Psychology/Mental Health categories for the Best Book Awards for 2020. 

 Susie Frazier Designing For Wellness

"Susie Frazier's work highlights the beneficial effect of well-building on well-being and illustrates how using elements of nature in our hospitals, homes, workplaces, and daily environments can help to heal our mind, body and spirit. Her novel take on wellness represents a 21st century approach to holistic health and is supported by solid scientific data." 

- Dr. Roy Buchinsky, University Hospitals Director of Wellness


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