Susie Frazier is a wellness artist and thought leader who's been speaking about the benefits of biophilia for most of her career.  After spending the last 20 years designing calm-inducing art and accents for hotels, health care facilities, and multi-family housing environments, Susie has written a book,  Designing For Wellnessto share several creative lifestyle tips anyone can implement in order to reduce anxiety levels within their homes. See the full summary below. 










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Ratings and Reviews of Designing For Wellness

"Susie Frazier's work highlights the beneficial effect of well-building on well-being and illustrates how using elements of nature in our hospitals, homes, workplaces, and daily environments can help to heal our mind, body and spirit. Her novel take on wellness represents a 21st century approach to holistic health and is supported by solid scientific data." 

- Dr. Roy Buchinsky, University Hospitals Director of Wellness

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