Susie Frazier

Since 2018, Susie Frazier has engaged American audiences with sensory-rich content associated with her self-published book, Designing For Wellness™. When she first appeared on affiliate TV stations across the U.S. at NBC, CBS and FOX, she knew the movement was just in its infancy. For over 25 years, Susie has delivered public keynotes to executive, consumer and student audiences about the innovations happening in the fields of sustainability, reclamation, green living, biophilic design, wellness design, and neuroinclusion. 

Often collaborating with British photographer Patrick Fraser, Susie maintains an archive of images documenting her creative, intuitive relationship with nature as a window into her own sensory health. She's been featured in Business Insider, Yahoo! Finance, USA Today, Psychology Today, Interiors + Sources, U.S. News & World Report, among others. 

Susie began her professional career as an ecology artist in 1997, through the environmental movement, educating and advocating for greater ecological awareness alongside other leaders in the sustainbility and inclusion movements. She has decades of understanding the impact buildings have had on our planet. But an ADHD diagnosis in 2017 led her to more deeply feel the impact buildings have had on her being. As a creative who's consulted on a wide range of innovative projects including the construction of 50-story tower, the redesign of a streetscape, the development of city-wide cultural events and more. Susie has incrementally advanced wellness design thinking by working with clients and peers in multifamily, law, healthcare, and hospitality while also educating journalists, marketers, educators and consumers of the new terminology we should all know today.

  • Quarterra

    "Susie was able to plug into our project at the inception and helped to shape all aspects of design. Many of the team members were unfamiliar with the concepts central to wellness design and biophilic design, and Susie was instrumental in both educating as well as coming up with original ideas which were ultimately incorporated into the project." 

  • Sodexo USA/ University Hospitals

    "Once again Susie and her team exceeded expectations! Thanks for the attention to detail and designing a work that is site and patient population-specific. Your creative vision makes a rather sterile stairwell come alive."

  • The NRP Group

    "What Susie Frazier delivered to The Edison at Gordon Square was not only a sophisticated setting that embodies the creativity of this city, but also an inspiring template that residents can emulate in order to establish their own interior refuge."

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"An essential introduction to curating your spaces to better support your sensory health."

  • Learn simple ways to create a more welcoming vibe in any setting.

  • Learn 15 inclusive design practices that support sensory health for everyone.

  • Pour through 80 pages of colorful and textural photos to inspire your own spaces, whether you're at home or the office.
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