Art at Cuyahoga Community College - SUSIE FRAZIER

Biophilic Design at Cuyahoga Community College



For the Westshore campus of Cuyahoga Community College, Susie was brought in to create a visual art solution that could span 46 feet around a curved wall. Knowing that nature-based designs placed in public settings are psychologically calming to humans, she invented an biophilic art installation, with a repeating, irregular cadence. Living with ADHD and anxiety, Susie is well aware why these types of patterns are comforting to our minds because they allow us to see beyond perfect symmetry (which exists nowhere in the natural world).

"Convene" was inspired by geological forms found along natural waterways in Northeast Ohio and was made out of 550 custom wooden "pebbles" that meander across the wall in a rhythmic, undulating flow. Mounted with 550 stainless steel standoffs, this project took 6 people over 11-hours to install.  

A short video that documented the process can be seen here

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