Hardened Paper Wall Installation - SUSIE FRAZIER

Tactile Elements for Multifamilly Model Suites

Susie Frazier staged a memorable model suite for multifamily project, The Edison at Gordon Square. It started with inspiring found objects that become interesting design innovations. Susie's wall piece titled, "Cadence," is made from vintage 1960s blueprints, hardened around wire forms and mounted to drywall with stainless steel sewing pins. When gentle hands brush by or a soft breeze fills the room, all the pieces gently sway and wiggle. The overall composition was installed to feature a distinct gradient pattern due to the varying tonal value of each of the blueprint pieces. Dimensions are 110" long x 34" high x 1.5" deep.
Mutifamily model suites get wall art that moves and tables with tactile elements 
Susie also designed custom nesting tables out of maple featuring a recessed try for tactile handling of dried beans, rocks, or other favorite items. 
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