Biophilic Design Inside University Hospitals

Biophilic Design Inside University Hospitals

Susie was hired to create an art installation for the main lobby of University Hospitals Seidman Cancer Center that could visually establish this facility's commitment to an environment of well-being. "Release" features 162 steel forms, took 15 months to finalize, involved 4 companies, and required 1 redesign just days before installation inside of University Hospitals newest Health Center in Avon, OH.

 biophilic art by Susie Frazier for a health care environment of well-being

Having already installed a signature swarm art piece in the lobby of the UH North Ridgeville Health Center facility back in 2018, Susie came up with a design that she knew would be soothing at first glance, but even more meaningful upon closer look because it’s made out of butterflies, a universal symbol of personal transformation and renewal.

During a site visit before installation day, Susie's installation team learned the lobby’s pendant lights hung down lower than expected. Luckily, UH Art Curator Tom Huck suggested Susie modify the pattern to avoid the lights and perhaps even continue the design onto the upper level. The result was this 30-foot wrap around installation that turned out to be better than the original composition. 


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