Susie Frazier Speaks at INTA Roundtable

Susie Frazier Speaks at INTA Roundtable

Proud to be the featured speaker at this upcoming International Trandemarks Association (INTA)Roundtable hosted by Shannon McCue of CueCards Legal. Here’s how they’re championing wellness for lawyers:

Wellness in the Practice of Law 

Featuring Susie Frazier, WELL Faculty Member and author of Designing For Wellness

Awareness of the sensory experiences people have in response to the design choices of a built environment is fundamental to establishing work settings in which everyone feels welcome, heard, and productive. According to International WELL Building Institute Faculty member Susie Frazier, who authored the award-winning book Designing for Wellness, most professionals suffer silently in all types of office conditions, not realizing there are practical and inclusive design interventions that can make their workspaces more conducive to the wide range of sensory thresholds of their people. 

By sharing her personal story of neurodivergence alongside the evidence-based features of the WELL Equity Rating and the WELL Building Standard, Susie inspires and educates International Trademark Association members with design tips for cultivating wellness in the workplace, whether they work on-site, remotely or both. 


July 12, 2023

2:30 pm to 4:30 pm EST


Susie Frazier Showroom

78th Street Studios

1305 W. 80th Street, First Floor

Cleveland, OH 44012

Wellness in the Practice of Law - INTA Roundtable 

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