Sometimes we forget how important it is to slow down. My mother (and my mother-in-law) pleaded with me for years about this issue. But I never realized what a toll the fast pace was taking on my mental health until it all came crashing down. Feeling overwhelmed is a symptom of ADHD — so is feeling anxious, even though people often get misdiagnosed as just having anxiety. These are things I learned a few years ago when doctors finally figured out I had been living with these conditions all my life. I didn’t know why my brain felt exhausted all the time, or why I forgot basic memories, or why I became so easily distracted and impulsive, or why I could also focus for hours on end on something I liked without coming up for air. As an artist, these traits are actually VERY helpful during the creative process. However, as a businesswoman, a mother, and a loving partner, I’ve had to adapt and develop coping tools at every stage of my life in order to get by. Today, one of those tools is taking time to chill. My mind doesn’t know how to stop — ideas are flowing all the time, so unless I force myself to sit down and relax, it just doesn’t happen. That said, I wanted you guys to see my favorite new “chill out” chair. It’s not just for sitting. It’s a mechanism for healing, like all the products I design or show in my retail space. (If you or someone you love exhibits these types of traits and wishes for more tools, check out the resources and articles from ADDitude Magazine. They've been invaluable to me.)

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