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I’m not gonna sugar coat it, motherhood is one of the hardest paths on which to walk. No matter how many beautiful, fulfilling moments there are, every stage presents very real challenges that outright test the limits of our hearts and our minds…and not enough of us talk about that. My ex-husband and I were blessed to raise three beautiful souls who all came to us within a window of four years.

Now that they’re teenagers, I can see, first-hand, how the messiness of human growth has changed me. Some days, I watch them absorb my practical magic, analytical tools, and unconditional love because they know it helps them navigate their own journeys. Other days, when they’re rejecting my involvement on every level, l am completely broken down, convinced I’m worthless, remembering nothing of the confident, inspiring woman I really am.

I feel you, moms.

We all go through this. But long after Mother’s Day is over, when your children aren’t even by your side, I’ll still recognize your tired face in the grocery store at midnight as well as your radiant energy during your girls night out, and have the utmost respect for you. No matter what your motherhood story is, you’re a love warrior to me, and I’m super proud to meet you anywhere, anytime.

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I just came across your website, and was drawn to your store and blog. This blog about motherhood really touched me, deeply. So much has been written about motherhood, moms, parenting. But not quite this way. The angst and joy of motherhood never ends. It’s something I didn’t really consider until a couple years ago once both my sons finished college. I’m not sure what I thought would happen, but our relationships just keep growing and changing but always becoming more intimate and real. I learn from them now more than they learn from me. Thank you for bringing beauty into the world.

Deborah Clarke

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