Reclamation - SUSIE FRAZIER


My closest pals and I believe a little introspection is a good thing. It’s through any kind of self-reflection that we eventually make peace with change. Of course, some change is more dramatic than others, and I am no stranger to the fear and darkness that usually precede it. But I can assure you that once you courageously step forward into the unknown, and are willing to be bruised and weathered by your own journey, it’s entirely possible to come through the other side with a newfound feeling of lightness and love. Why? Because pulling through that difficult process actually provides real-time proof that we’re capable of handling anything. We no longer have to wonder. We actually KNOW that all the tools we need to feel better actually lie within our own wells of intuition. Our job is to simply listen and then do something — just like an artist. This is why every object I make and every product I curate comes from a soulful story of rebirth with an aged patina from its former life. When we bring items like this into our homes, they become totems of reclamation. They help us find beauty in the blemishes and elegance in the imperfections, which ultimately helps us see this in ourselves. 

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