Custom Wall Feature - SUSIE FRAZIER

Susie Frazier Designs Multifamily Model Suite in PA

In 2018, Susie was hired to stage all the interior elements of the two-bedroom model suite inside The Edge 1909, a mutlfamily apartment community in Pittsburgh, PA. Wanting to push for more awareness around wellness design, Susie leaned into the basic principles she outlined in her 2018 book, Designing For Wellness™, and delivered several mind-calming custom elements for space. The result was a memorable model suite in Pittsburgh's competitive multifamily housing market, which featured repeating natural patterns, engaging textures, and meaningful artwork. 

Wide view of Edge 1909 Model Suite designed by Susie Frazier

Susie's custom Branches Headboard was developed specifically for this project and has since been customized for other clients. The original design came from a scene she saw while walking in the woods, that she later sketched out on paper.
Knowing that fractal patterns in nature can actually reduce anxiety of those who look at them, even just with a peripheral view, Susie made sure that interactive organic elements were integrated into other key areas of the unit. 
Vintage blueprints were collaged around wire frames, and once hardened, were mounted to drywall with stainless steel sewing pins. The overall composition was installed to feature a distinct gradient pattern due to the varying tonal value of each piece. Dimensions are 110" long x 34" high x 1.5" deep.
Susie's Modern Egg Tables with built-in "touch zone" were specifically made to provide a calming feature to anyone who sits nearby. By inviting busy hands to touch or handle natural beans, rocks, or seeds, this becomes a grounding device and one that innately lets a person relax through the mesmerizing tactile experience. 
For an additional touch that brought the outside in, Susie placed her original steel and glass wall vase design on the counter surface. Featuring sand and fresh cut grass stalks from a nearby walk, this is a simple element that can be customized by the homeowner, for any season's findings. When the glass insert is removed, the steel cradle can be mounted to the wall allowing for fresh flowers, willow stalks or other natural elements to become an organic focal point of the bathroom, a space in multifamily properties that normally sees no outside views of nature. 
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