Ease Into The Season

Surround me with weathered wood and waving grass, and I immediately find my center. I didn’t always know this about myself — that natural materials had this calming effect on me. Like most people, I spent a large part of my life in urban settings with digital devices, filling my brain with one distracting activity after another. It’s crazy how we do this to ourselves, as if all that commotion is going to somehow make our lives better or more fulfilling. But deep down we know this overstimulation is destructive, and we’re all craving some distance from the chaos.  - Listen to that urge. - If we can’t go to the country to give ourselves an earth-minded immersion, then it’s time we bring that kind of grounding experience to us. We start by gathering found objects from outdoors and decorating with them indoors. These subtle visuals of nature’s slow, patient process will remind us to be slow and patient with ourselves. And that alone can do wonders for our well-being. 
Susie Frazier

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