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Gratitude Soothes The Mind

Today I’m thinking about the importance of gratitude — not as a cliche during the holiday —  but more as a tool for healing. The act of being thankful for any experience is especially helpful when we’re feeling defeated or facing unbearable loss. It’s through this practice that we learn to see silver linings and redirect our mental state to a place that’s capable of attracting positive outcomes. I like to start with the simple things — a warm blanket, a solid hug, and raw banter that makes me laugh out loud. Whenever I approach my life with an appreciation of these most basic experiences, I remember how little I really need to be happy. Then I consider the more complex aspects, like my natural born gifts as a benefit to others and the ability to channel love no matter how broken I may feel. Giving thanks doesn’t always need to be a grand public effort in order to be rewarding. It just needs to mean something significant in our minds.

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