I’ve been calling myself an artist for over 35 years, but only recently have I felt like one. After chasing big dreams and placing thousands of my creations into customer’s hands, I’ve finally figured out that it’s not the volume of work I sell or the awards I receive that validate my identity. It’s the sensory experience I have with the world around me that earns me this title. These days, as I visit any place, my curiosity leads me to slow down and observe the little details. Whenever I meet a person, even for a short while, I enter a deep dive into their soul with my heart. No matter what kind of emotion I experience, my feelings are pretty much gushing out with unbridled passion. And if an opportunity presents itself to try something new, I am leaping towards it with a resounding “Hell YES!” I’ve been a lot of things in my life — wife, mother, businesswoman, advocate. But the artist is leading this path now, and I’ve never felt more alive.

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